Performance Preview

March 2nd, 2011

Never done a performance review before, but performance preview sounds good.


February 19th, 2011

Was looking for tips on conducting effective one-on-one’s, and came across a few related ones from people working at Mozilla:

I like the format and I am starting mine by taking ideas from them.  I am also going to try:

  • Set the agenda a day in advance
  • Sorted by time

How Facebook Ships Code

February 19th, 2011


Shared and then discussed this with a colleague on whether our process is better or worse.   One thing we do start doing more now is “public shaming”.   ;)

Startup Suicide—Rewriting the Code

February 19th, 2011

Steve Blank @ Xconomy published this article that brought back some lessons learned when I was younger.  Then I had a conversation on this with a non-engineer friend, but felt that it is not easy to convey some of the ideas unless you have done it yourself.

Google’s Element API Periodic Table

February 19th, 2011

Very interesting summary of what Google is offering to developers.

Android Scripting Environment

August 23rd, 2009

One of the thing I like the most about Nokia N810 is being able to write/execute python scripts on it, and have access to some application environment services.  I have T-Mobile G1 for a few weeks now, and I am happy to learn that Android also has ASE.  ASE also has a locale plugin that let locale run the scripts.

The AES Python API.


September 19th, 2008

Late last month, all parties involved in building the OAuth Core 1.0 spec have signed a covenant of non-assertion to facilitate mass adoption. Few days ago, I was setting up twhirl and it used OAuth to request access to my online data. Sweet!

When am I going to see OpenID in action?

DIY 19″ Equipment Rack (Plan)

July 16th, 2008

Moving to the new house, thinking about getting a rack for my equipments. With all those projects I have tackled in the past few months (6′ fences, 4′ fences, french drain, and so on), I am thinking I can build a rack myself. ;-)

Google around, I found this page that has part list and instruction for building a 19″ under $100.

I like the idea of using the cheap “Fast Mount Standard” (upright) shelf rack bar, because it also gives you the ability to mount bracket to support additional shelf. However, I am not convinced it is going to be strong enough to support the weight. (The project page shows pictures of the rack holding CRT monitors and a bunch of old machines, maybe it will be good enough)

The upright shelf rack bar’s holes are 1.25″ apart, so it aligns nicely with the equipments mounting bracket (3-hole ones). The holes on the bar looks smaller and may need to be enlarged for the bolt to go through. See the wiki page of 19″ rack for more information.

I will publish another entry when I decide to do it.

ZooKeeper, a distributed consensus service

July 4th, 2008

ZooKeeper is a highly available and reliable coordination system developed at Yahoo! Research Lab. For introduction video and slides, follow this Yahoo! Developer Network article.

ZooKeeper is in the process of moving to Apache, and to become a subproject under Hadoop.

An interesting question is, how does ZooKeeper achieve distributed consensus? What protocol does it use? Skimming through the code you might be guessing it is Paxos protocol, but it is actually not. See the whole thread of discussion at ZooKeeper-user list.

The Dawn of Free Internet Access?

May 30th, 2008

Wired is carrying this piece. FCC Chairman Kevin Martin has schedule a vote on spectrum auction that includes 25MHz in the 2155 MHz to 2180 MHz band that the winning bidder is required to provide free broadband Internet access.

Some more details and background on the 25MHz free-broadband-required spectrum can be found at here.

Free WiMax everyone?